How to Segment and Nurture Your Leads Like a Pro

While B2B and B2C marketing are undergoing dramatic changes, lead generation remains a key focus for marketers and 69% of companies consider converting contacts/leads to customers being one of their top marketing priorities.  What does this mean for you as marketer? You must segment and nurture your leads.

You can’t stop at lead generation. A lead nurturing strategy is what you need to attract, interest and engage your prospects, so they have a smooth, positive experience with your product or service. To survive in 2019 and beyond, you need to make lead segmenting and nurturing an integral part of your marketing strategy.

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How I Got on The First Page of Google – 10 Things To Know

Many bloggers and website owners dream about having their blogs or websites on the first page of Google Search. And this for a good reason: 75% of people never scroll past after the first page of Google. it’s not a secret that the search engines have complicated algorithms behind displaying their results. In Google’s case, there are over 200 ranking factors. Therefore, how to rank on the first page of Google Search is a hard question, with a complicated answer.

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The Best Marketing Tools that will save you lots of time!

As blogger or entrepreneur, increasing the traffic for your blog or website and the engagement of your readers, growing the social media exposure and expanding your email list are some of the biggest challenges. Your online presence is not just about having a website or a blog filled with text, but also about finding interesting and trending topics, writing catchy headlines, finding great pictures and creating awesome images, mastering social media, and much more. Therefore, is extremely important to have the best marketing tools. They will help you grow your brand, your business, and, most important, your income.  

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So, how do you design astonishing images that stand out from the crowd, especially when you are not a professional graphic designer and you can’t afford to hire one? It’s true that one picture is worth more than one thousand words, but how can you create those stunning visuals that are massively shared on social media, drive engagement with your brand and attract traffic to your blog or website?

In this post, you’ll find 5 top online design tools that will help you have professional and vibrant visuals for your online content in 2019.

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Top 10 web design trends you need to be aware of in 2019

Will web design continue the full acceleration towards entirely interactive experiences, or will designers slow down a bit? Check these top 2019 web design trends you need to be aware of this year.

Speaking about trends, we should keep in our minds that all of them are influenced by different industries, such as art, fashion, media, technologies and cultures. This is a never-ending process, as long as they don’t emerge suddenly or disappear to nowhere. But it takes some time to peak, change their forms, eventually become overused and be replaced by other trends.

Minimalism, responsiveness, microinteractions or custom illustrations are not new. But they will continue to maintain their popularity in 2019.  

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10 LinkedIn Best Practices To Grow Your Business In 2019

With more than 590 million users, from whom many are business owners and other professionals, LinkedIn is a powerhouse of opportunity for accomplishing your business goals. Integrating LinkedIn into your social media strategy and sharing content here puts your brand on their radar. It’s the secret weapon that can push your B2B social media strategy and by following simple LinkedIn best practices you can accelerate your business growth.   

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Top 10 Graphic Design Trends That Will Shape 2019

2019 is the year when the retro influences from brutalism, cubism and abstract arts from the past are reinvented to create a bold and color vision for the digital future. In terms of colors, the start has been given by Pantone (as every year, in fact), who has crowned the color for 2019 as Living Coral, based on its meaning of “innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits" as a response to social media and digital technology.

In this post, I will focus on the graphic design trends, as long as they influence and redefine the way people interact with others as well as with brands. Most of them influence both print and web design, but some of them are just for web.

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How to create the best quiz to engage your audience in real time

I think I’m right saying that most of us are big fan of quizzes, being attracted by them like a magnet. “Do You Have Entrepreneurial Mindset?”, “What is Your Brand Voice?” or “Is Blogging Right for You” are just some of the titles that instantly catch my eyes.   

Honestly, since quizzes are among the most shared content on the internet year after year, I have been thinking for some time to have my own quiz on my website.

After testing 4-5 quiz maker apps and playing around, the answer was Interact. It is exactly what I was looking for – an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that lets you test your quiz in a few minutes – if you want to use a pre-made template

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