Are you looking for a rock-solid content strategy?

You want to connect with your customers on Social Media but you struggle with your social media strategy?

Or maybe you need a catchy landing page for your new product but you don’t know exactly how to do this?  

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And yes! All your dreams can become reality! You need just a tailored, documented marketing strategy that works and the key is the Content Marketing Strategy!

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Stressed about social media?

It’s time to take action!



I’m Roxana, a natural born wordsmith and content marketing strategist, obsessed with supporting entrepreneurs to make their business profitable.

 How this become my life?

The truth is, like many of you, in my early twenties and after graduating from university, I wasn’t right away a business success story. But I had a dream and a passion, and I was ready to conquer the business world… like you.

Fortunately, my dream has quickly become somewhat true. Because my first job was as Marketing Manager in a small marketing agency. I loved that job! I finally could help the small businesses touch their dreams using documented marketing strategies, the power of storytelling and visual content.  

After this, my career path was a sort of roller coaster. I ticked several additional domains like design, sales, PR, project management, translations, training, real estate, business administration, publishing while working for different national leaders or SMBs. And each of them enriched my life.

But my dream was different. I wanted to be independent, on my own way and develop my own business. And suddenly the solution crafted its way four years ago, while talking to one of my best friends. The new journey that just knocked on my door was content marketing.

I started ghostwriting and crafting tailored content marketing strategies, working with clients form the whole world. From deciding about a website content and layout, blog content, lead magnets, and other marketing collateral to content distribution, social media strategy and more.    

As you see, I’m not only used to wearing many heats 😊, I enjoy it! I thrive to live in an environment where two workdays are not exactly the same.